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The ALICE® report stands for Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed. ALICE represents an initiative of the Pennsylvania network of United Ways to raise awareness of the challenges faced by working families and to mobilize organizations and individuals who want to support strategies and policies that move those who experience ALICE along their journey to financial stability.




what types of households are struggling?

The way Americans live is changing. There are many different family and living combinations — more than ever before. More adults are living alone, with roommates, or with their parents. Families with children are changing; There are more non-married cohabiting parents, same-sex parents, and blended families with remarried parents. The number of senior households is also increasing. ALICE and poverty level households exist across all of these living arrangements and continue to struggle.


Who is struggling

the cost of living continues to increase. . .

The Household Survival Budget reflects the bare minimum that a household needs to live and work today. It does not include savings for emergencies or future goals like college. In 2017, costs were well above the Federal Poverty Level of $12,060 for a single adult and $24,600 for a family of four. Family costs increased by 22 percent statewide from 2010 to 2017, compared to 12 percent inflation nationally.

employee wages continue to lag behind. . .

Employment and wages vary by location; firms generally pay higher wages in areas with a higher cost of living, although those wages still do not always cover basic needs. Employment and wages also vary by firm size: Large firms tend to offer higher wages and more job stability; smaller businesses can account for more jobs overall, especially in rural areas, but may pay less and offer less stability. Medium-size firms pay more but typically employ the fewest workers.

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PA Average Wage by Occupation:

Food Prep Worker: $9.06/hour
Cashier: $9.15/hour
Childcare Worker: $9.71/hour
Retail Salesperson: $10.89/hour
Laborers: $13.93/hour
Nursing Assistant: $14.13/hour
Office Clerks: $15.48/hour
Customer Service Reps: $16.34/hour


how is the united way supporting alice?


The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way, along with its 37 partner agencies, is supporting ALICE by providing basic needs (food, clothing, diapers, etc.), financial education and casework, low-cost car loans where possible, and, under some circumstances, help with paying a bill. Additionally, GSVUW is working hard to increase the number of daycare centers across our valley, placing emphasis on quality daycare with expanded hours. 


The task force seeks to address all issue surrounding the issues of Basic Needs and serving those who are ALICE. With a dynamic group of individuals, each member provides a unique perspective on how to address these issues. One of GSVUW’s ten-year bold goals is to reduce the incidence of ALICE in our region by 5%, which means raising at least around 1000 households out of poverty by the year 2028.  We will use our partnerships with local businesses, nonprofits, state and local governments to accomplish this goal. 


Local Vision is a program of the United Way that works directly to alleviate poverty among those citizens classified as ALICE. Local Vision provides basic needs items such as beds, furniture, toiletries, diapers, and more to people in need through its donation platform. Local Vision, also, provides case management service and financial assistance programming. Visit our

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Click HERE to visit the United for ALICE website for more information.

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