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Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way

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The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way Teens Impact Council is excited to announce they are accepting applications for their first grant giveaway. Applications are being accepted from organizations who either are currently or are looking to set up a T-BIZ program within the Shikellamy School District.

A single award of $2,000 will be given to one organization. The proposal must support the T-BIZ program guidelines written out in the Greater Susquehanna Valley Coalition for Teen Programming manual or show that a program strives to develop a small business model for teens. Some of the guidelines include:


I. Program Objectives of T-BIZ – Teen Business Innovation Zone  
a. Through “on-the-job training” teens are taught basic work ethics, customer services skills and teamwork.  
b. To prepare teens interested in joining the part-time workforce while being a middle school, high school or college age student. c. To create an environment that fosters mutual respect and responsibility. 
II. Empowered Teens
a. Under the supervision of adult advisors, teens are empowered to manage, staff, and operate a “mock” business.
b. The mock business is like a real-life small business model under the philosophy: For Teens – By Teens.
c. Suggested empowered teen job positions in the TBIZ model include managers, supervisors, and general employees. 
III. Qualifications
a. All teens are welcomed to apply for “jobs” at the business.
b. Each interested teen must complete a job application, which is screened by the adult advisors and teen managers.
c. All applicants are placed in positions best suited for their interests and capabilities as “employees” of the business.  
IV. Compensation and Evaluation
a. The teens are awarded a stipend for time spent “working” at their business.
b. Similar to an actual employment scenario, the teens are also given periodic evaluations to monitor individual and group performance in the workplace.  
V. Business Operations 
a. Weekly group business meetings among all teen staff members are held to review overall business conditions  
b. Teens make decisions on routine operations such as schedules and job assignments.  
c. Financial activity is reviewed including the ongoing profit/loss of the business operation.  
d. Business management training and other training relevant to the business model is provided.
e. Collectively, all teen staff members are responsible for routine housekeeping and periodic general maintenance assignments at the business site.  
VI. Suggested Job Positions
a. Manager and Assistant Manager
  i. As a mentor, assures the work schedule is completed by assigning the teen staff to the various positions.  
  ii. Assures that each teen staff member is performing their assignment correctly.  
  iii. Assists adult advisors in completing performance evaluations for each teen staff member.  
b. Area Supervisor
  i. As a mentor, is highly proficient in performing the required tasks in their individual area of responsibility.
 ii. Area Supervisors train other teens to perform tasks in their area of expertise and fill-in for gaps in schedules if there are not enough teens available to work. 


Applications must be submitted and reviewed by the Teens Impact Council and applying organizations must serve residents in the Shikellamy School District. Applicants who adhere to either part of or all of the preceding guidelines will be considered. Depending on number of applicants, organizations requesting funds may be asked to come to a Teens Impact Council meeting to present their plan.

DEADLINE:  Friday September 29th at NOON – Please email applications to Sara Lauver at or call United Way at (570) 988-0993 with any questions.

Download Application:  HERE


* The directors of several local teen centers established the GSV-CTP in 2016, as a sub-committee of the existing Teens Impact Council facilitated through the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way. They believed that a coalition approach would strengthen the number and quality of resources available to teen centers and all other organizations implementing programs that strive for positive outcomes related to teens. GSV-CTP aims to provide communities with resources and technical assistance related to programs for teens. The mission of the GSV-CTP is to promote the viability and sustainability of teen programs to serve as effective prevention resources to the youth of their communities. The GSV-CTP does this by providing training opportunities; offering templates for implementing various types of teen programming; promoting operational and organizational standards; and conducting regular networking opportunities in forms of quarterly meetings, conferences and workshops.