Diversity in The Valley

Thu, 07/03/2014 - 6:46am -- Sara

Diversity is an essential element today. Unfortunately, some people find it difficult to embrace or even accept the diversity of our society, which can result in bullying and other forms of aggression aimed at punishing people for being different.

Not everyone is the same and can differ from the majority of society by race, sexual orientation, religion, social or economic background, or gender. These are the "differences" most people think of when diversity is mentioned. But there are other, more subtle, differences in our society also - weight (too fat, too skinny), interests (ballet over football), personal expression (manner of dress, tattoos, piercings), shyness, etc. Anything that separates someone from the majority makes them part of our diverse population.

Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way's Diversity Impact Council is interested in hearing about experiences you have had dealing with diversity. Please use the comment section on this blog to relate instances when you witnessed or were part of a positive or negative incident relating to diversity in our community.

This blog seeks to encourage discussion about diversity and lead to a better understanding of the diversity issues facing society while encouraging broader acceptance for each of our neighbors.

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