What does it mean to

"To be tolerant of each other and understanding of others. Also, we have to put ourselves in other people’s shoes." - Kerry Washington, Selinsgrove, Weis Markets

“All people, everywhere, focusing on one common goal and then reaching it. I believe that goal would have to be equality; where everyone is tolerant." - Demetrius Baldwin, former student at BucknellU, Lewisburg

"To live, harmoniously and in a cooperative fashion" - Jillian Renninger, Selinsgrove

"To live life with a community all working for one great cause" - Aaron Wagner, Sunbury

“Living united means accepting everyone regardless of their gender, sexual preference, race, religion, economic status, or political preference. It is the ability to look past the color of someone's skin and/or what their beliefs are and recognize that we are one human race.” - Andrea Daly, Sunbury

“Living united means helping others in need. Unity creates diversity. We can be different from each other, but have the same outlook on how to help our community. They say a group of spiders can tie up a lion. Amazing things can happen when people work together to defeat that lion.” - Allison Word, Sunbury

“Living and working together in a community to make it the best it can be.”- Tessa Moore, A Community Clinic, Sunbury